downward dog at San Juan island 2015I am a versatile individual looking to improve people’s health/wellness and provide pathways for youth’s education. As a Pilates practitioner for over 6 years, a certified Pilates instructor, and a yoga instructor/teacher trainee, I draw from body mechanics, pathology, pre & post-natal Pilates, and educational psychology to improve people’s proprioception, physical health, and overall well-being.

I turned to Pilates after developing severe computer injuries, which exacerbated post-partum. I experienced such amazing transformations through Pilates that I decided to obtain my instructor certification at Vitality Pilates. I have never looked back, as I truly enjoy helping people improve their strength, flexibility, and posture!

Throughout my background in research and teaching, I have been known to be detailed oriented. This works wonderfully for Pilates as its efficiency relies on precision in postural alignment. When planning lessons, I first assess my clients’ posture and pathologies, and then tailor lessons to each individual’s needs. I feel invigorated when I can help people achieve a more erect upper back and open chest, engage their deep abdominal muscles, protect their lower backs, improve gluteal, hamstrings, and overall strength and flexibility—be it moms, people who sit, drive, work with computers often, stand often, use their limbs asymmetrically, are overcoming a chronic musculoskeletal condition, or just want to increase efficiency in their workout. I also love finding creative ways to translate self-practice discoveries into cues that work for people’s diverse needs.

As someone with an unconventional fitness background, I bring a unique asset to those who come to my lessons because I have a deep, personal understanding of what it takes to recover from injuries or overcome limitations in range of motion. Additionally, having been a researcher for over a decade, I enjoy studying the latest research on body mechanics/movement. I have completed courses on the Integrative Movement System, Applied Movement Neurology, and sessions with renown 2nd generation “Pilates elders”​ (trained by first generation students of Joseph Pilates): Chris Robinson, MeJo Wiggin, and Lori Coleman-Brown. Currently, I am also training under influential yoga teacher Richard Schachtel  to obtain a 200 hr. yoga teacher certification at the Center for Yoga of Seattle, where I help teach yoga from time to time. In my current teaching, I integrate all the knowledge aforementioned, and have helped clients improve their posture and achieve fitness goals.

I believe that if we don’t spend enough time for our health now, we may end up spending more time in sickness.  An individualized Pilates repertoire can enhance the mind-body connection and integrally empower one’s daily activities.

Feel free to email me at peyina (at) gmail (dot) com if you are interested in trying out Pilates or want help increasing efficiency in your workout. I currently teach private lessons at Conscious Body Pilates and will start teaching a group Reformer lesson at YMCA downtown. I also am a substitute yoga instructor at the Center for Yoga of Seattle. I am happy to offer you an introductory private mat & props Pilates lesson too!